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Fastening Specialist: Values

We live VALUES in everything we do. We add VALUE as THE wholesale fastenings specialist.

Why we exist

To honor and glorify God by the way we serve others.

At Fastening Specialists, we believe that the way we live our lives and how we treat others directly guides the way we conduct business as wholesale fastenings specialists. Teamwork, service, and honesty are not only time-honored traditions, but a way of life at Fastening Specialists. Trust is the result. After all, truth is trust — and we engender trust in our valued client relationships, which is a big part of why 99% of our customers stay with us year after year.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Why we exist

We’re defined by three pillars that help us make meaningful connections that last, both within the Fastening Specialists family and extended to our many customer partners.

What we do

It’s essential that a company define what they do best and how they go about giving their customers the best. We embody a drive to excel as THE wholesale fastenings specialists in the industries we serve. Fastening Specialists is committed to outperforming all others by making your transaction as simple and seamless as possible. We’ll help you with expert knowledge, give you high-touch attention and value-added service, and provide access to an incredible inventory of over 29,000 on-hand SKUS with delivery you can count on.

How we hope to delight you

Our PASSION is to create raving fans through living our core values.
Our EXPERTISE simplifies how you purchase by streamlining the transaction, offering the best price, and knowing the products we carry better than any other provider.

Our Value Proposition

The RIGHT inventory, ALL the time, designed to offer you maximized profitability.
To be a leader in wholesale fastenings takes this kind of commitment. While each industry values different things, every one of them needs to use fastenings to make connections to their products. We choose to be specialists in wholesale fastenings to serve you better than any kind of generalist could, and we’ve been serving your industry for over 65 years.

So MUCH MORE value

If our clients didn’t feel they were getting value, they’d go elsewhere. And since 99% stay with Fastening Specialists, that leaves only 1% that decided on a different option. It’s only natural that value comes in so many forms to make our relationships more valuable every day. We believe values fits into everything we do and in every way we serve, seeking to re-imagine how these values can change lives:

If you value strong business relationships and need expert guidance then call Fastening Specialists today. We’d be privileged to be your wholesale fastenings provider.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”