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Fastening Specialist: Services

SERVICES that make you stay, all from THE Fastening Supplier Specialists

Who says? 99% of you.

When you want the best in services, you want THE fastening specialists. We’ve been serving a wide variety of industries for over 65 years. 99% stay with us year over year. That’s a resounding vote of confidence. But the question is always asked, why? We believe it’s because we offer SO MUCH MORE value and SO MUCH MORE service and we know which services are most important to the industries we serve.

SO MUCH MORE Service to Many Industries We Serve:

Core Industries We Serve

Building Materials

The three words that describe today's demands are NOW, HELP, and SOLVE.

NOW: You want the products you want now (otherwise, you’d shop online), and we know you need the product today. You rely on our 29,000+ available SKUs and delivery reliability to satisfy your #1 need.

HELP: You want someone to help you find it (more about that desire for immediacy), which is one of the reasons you’re seeking a specialist. Fastening Specialists knows fastenings inside and out, and if you need help, our team of experts can provide it.

SOLVE: You want a knowledgeable teammate who’ll help you solve problems which is why our specialists have become so important to so many of our customers. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it. And if you need a special order, we can do that too.

SO MUCH MORE Service to Many Industries We Serve:

It’s clear the THE fastening supplier of choice offers the most services tailored to your industry.

What you’ll find if we’re privileged to work with you, is that our services are not confined. If you need a service that extends beyond getting you a fastening product, and it’s not something we’ve done before, our team will find out how to get it done. That’s our SO MUCH MORE promise and why you can be certain you’ll always get the best price, the best service, and the best value from Fastening Specialists.