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Get a quote from the industry’s #1 fastening specialist.

We add value. We live values.

Fastening Specialists makes connections.

The expert gives you so much more value.

With so many sizes, applications, features, designs, materials, coatings, and SKU names, we know that fastenings can be overwhelming. Serving a long list of industries, you can trust THE specialists for the best in product value, insight, code expertise, and order fulfillment.

Over 65 years of valued relationships and easy access to over 29,000 available SKUs.

We want connections to last a long, long time. Whether fastening building materials or serving our customers, all of us at Fastening Specialists bring value and values to everything we do. 

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Faith guides our values. Fastening is our specialty.

We strive to honor and glorify God by the way we serve others.

Our goal is to earn your trust by actively demonstrating that filling your fastening needs is our most important service.

We promise: Value Priced, Value-Added Services, Value-Driven, Valued Relationships, Value Stream, Lifetime/Lifecycle Value, Valued Team Members

With less than a 1% customer churn rate, Fastening Specialists is in it for the long haul. No shortcuts, only execution and value! With so many fastenings required to make your connections, why trust the generalist when you can trust THE fastening specialists?